Okay everyone let’s talk about the myth of what Native Americans look like

My boyfriend and I are from the Lumbee tribe on the East Coast. He also has Tuscarora descent. I have brown eyes and brown hair, and he has dirty blond hair and green eyes.

I’m brown skinned and he’s brighter than I. But we are both completely Native American.

I hate to hear him speak about wishing he was darker or had brown eyes.. I hate when he wishes he was the same color as I. I hate when he says he wishes that his children will be darker than him.

He dances, sings, creates beadwork, works for the tribe, yet he is still insecure. I wish he would understand that it doesn’t matter..

That’s why I do what I do. I’m adamant and passionate about Natives; especially on the east coast. We are NOT what you see on TV and movies. We’re every shade under the sun.

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Contest mega evolutions confirmed!

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White people get mad when you wear a band t shirt of a band you don’t listen to, but they’re fine with wearing headdresses from cultures they know and care nothing about.

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When someone gives you directions but you go the wrong way



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someone was like hey do a flower beard thing and i was like okay

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Actual American Indian/Native American/Indian/Ndn/Indigenous children on Pinterest suuuuper duper adorable.

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drive thru employeesimage definitely image do notimage get paidimage enoughimage forimage this image shitimage they are sick of your nonsenseimage

the last guy wasn’t even phased omg

he was expecting it

The last one

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what if a follower transferred to your school just to try and get close to you


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